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Ok so I dreamed one story and I wanted to share it .Its not really original but it can be done into a shojo manga x3

AFTER I WROTE IT - LOL I never thought it will take so long to write. I don’t think its really original but it’s a good story for a shoujo manga I guess x3
Ok so there are 4 main characters
Girls1 – G1
Girl2 – G2
Boy1 –B1
And Boy2- B2
(B1 and B2 are brothers – B2 is the older bro)
So those guys are BFF since young and they are all rich.G1 is the cool type,G2 is more elegant, princess type, B1 is the perfect son and B2 is son that the father doesn’t like. When they were in elementary school G1 had to move away because some people had problems with her father. It’s hard for the friends and really hard for G1 because she is in love with B1.When they are in 2nd year High school her parents go back ( I don’t know where they live but I think both places look like the school in ouran high school xD ) to get some business done but they are killed – nobody tells her who killed them since the police is keeping it a secret but she knows that its someone of the people that took her parents company. She goes back in her home place without any money or place to stay
Meanwhile B1 and G2(really close friends now since its only them left) are on a party. Because he is under such a pressure by his father to become the CEO of their family business he gets drunk. Getting back from it B1 is driving and gets into a car accident.G2 changes places with him since she knows he should be all perfect for his dad and her parents will forgive her if she tells them the truth (but they should hide it).In return her parents ask B1 to date her and someday marry her (they want that because he is what they call best son-in-low-rich, handsome and they know him well).
B2 – he left home right after high school because he couldn’t take the way people treated him there and nobody knows where he is now ( he is probably 2-3 years older than the other main characters)
When G1 comes back B1 says she can stay in their house until she gets on her feet – she still loves him so she says yes. But later finds out that he is going out with G2.She starts going to the local high school where B1 and G2 are in too. There she meets her homeroom teacher who is a woman and the PE teacher. She is nice and is always motivating the kids – the only weird thing about her is that she always feels hot that’s why she has a different fan every day with her. Another person she meets is the principal who looks like a hard person but is kind hearted. And she becomes friends with 2 outsiders who she takes as a challenge to make happy with friends at least in their last 2 years in high school .On of those outsiders is a geek who is a geek because when he was young he had some illness and all the kids where scared of him so the only friends he had were his games and manga ( later she remembers that before she left in elementary school she was in a hospital for some months and she was in the same room as him) .The other person she has to help is a girl who people find scary and sluty because she is always with guys BUT the truth is that her dad has a kendo school so she is used to guys and was treated as a boy when she was young. From school the kids go on a field trip in the mountains . G1 hates that B1 and G2 are going out and are so close but you can still see that B1 has some feelings for G1 so she doesn’t give up. They start some games and G1 and G2 ( and other kids of course ) go in the forest when everyone in the camp hears a scream. B1 goes in the forest and finds G1 when he hears another scream and goes after the other scream because it G2.G1 is shocked – on top of that she is hurt while G2 has only a scratch.B1 takes G2 out of the forest and turns back for G1.When some other guy comes out of the forest with G1.That guy is B2 – B1 and G2 are shocked because they haven’t seen him in 2 years. He is acting really cool ,puts G1 in bed and tells the teaches and his bro that he and his company are here for work.B1s eyes are like O.O because he didn’t even knew his big bro had a company or even money. They come back.
One day while G1 is going around the house a little girl shows up – the maids kid. She shows he the secret paths in the house which leads her to some old documents and she finds out that the people who took her parents company are B1s and G2s parents. Her main reason to come back was to revenge her parents so she leaves the house and goes in the kendo house of the girl she helped. Then next day she tells her homeroom teacher that she has to quit school. The teacher tries to make her not do that but she says that she has to and the only thing the teacher can do is let her live in her house and not to bother the family of her friend. She goes to live with the teacher - her house is really cold and she used electrical things to make it even cooler. Thats the reason why the landlady goes in the room to complaint about bills and finds G1 their – she says she will call the police because the teacher is paying only for one person when 2 people save her. They are the owners of the BIG AND AMAZING hotel nearby . They tell that she can stay in their hotel as a maid.
In that time G2 sees that B1 is interested in G1 and because she is really in love with him she wants to keep him with her. So she makes a plan. She puts something in B1 drink and he feels asleep - puts him in her bed and in the morning her dad find them together.B1 says that he doesn’t remember anything but because G2 put an empty bottle in the room and the dad knows that B1 has already been drank once says that he should marry his daughter .So they tell B1s dad that they will marry and he is ok with that.( That’s the first time we see a bad side of G2)
G1 has been working in the hotel for some time now and its her first party that she will help in. The party is to celebrate the collaboration between the two families (B1s and G2s ) and some new company( The company is 25% to family one and 25% for the family two and 50 % for the new company).But the party turns out to be really bad for her because B1 and G2 announce their engagement. When she run away she hits into someone who is B2.He takes her to his room and she tells him the truth. He feels really annoyed and asks the other maids to dress her up like a ‘princess’. He goes down the big stairs when everyone is looking at the CEO of the company O.O. Everyone in shock not only that he is that lazy guy that they knew and who had became so big but also at the girl next to him for which everyone was talking about ( poor girl, she was rich and now a maid etc.blah blah blah ). B2 grabs a glass and says that he will marry G1 o.O (AGAIN A SHOCK- not only for the others but for the main character too) . Later in B2s room they are really quiet and awkward. She thanks him that he did that for her to make B1 jealous but he looks her in the eyes and says that he didn’t do it to make his bro jealous but because he has been in love with her for a long, long time.X3 .
She asks him why did he live and what happened and he tells her that he left because he wanted to do on his own .Then she asks why his father hates him and he says that the man she knows is not his father. That old man hates him because his mum cheated on him but because all the family money came from his mums side his not-so –real father couldn’t do anything but let him live with them and hate him .As for his mum she died when she was giving birth to his brother(B1) which is why they don’t talk a lot. Because B1 feels guilty. B2 goes to take a shower.
In that time B1 goes in the room and takes G1.He asks her what’s going on (angrily) and she tells him that that just how things happened .That he will be with G2 and she will be with B2 ( not really thinking it at that time for real ). That’s when B1 hugs her which gives her some hopes for a little time. In that same moment in the room comes G2 – she runs away and without thinking B1 goes after her and stops her .Still in the room G1 can hear that he is telling her that its not what she thinks and that he was just congratulating her for being with his brother. G1 comes out of the room and confirms his words with irony on her face.


1.The geek and the kendo girl get together as she wants to turn him into a strong guy and she needs someone to help her with school works .
2.The teacher likes the principal who was married for a maid in the house of B1 and the little girl that showed G1 the paths is his daughter. The teacher feels hot always because she used to live in Greenland(really cold) until she moved not too long ago. The teacher is young – just got out of collage and the principal is around 30-35 I guess
3.The landlady used to work for G1s parents until they found out that she was giving important information to G2s family – then they fired her. – in her 70s
4.The owners of the hotel. A woman really hot and feminist and a really calm and prettier then a woman man. She likes him but is too proud to say so and he likes her too but is too careless to understand it. They meet in collage and are probably 27-28 years old
5.G2 mother is an actress so she makes her look and sound pretty always but she is hardly in home.
6.Who killed G1s parents. It was B1 when he was drunk – G2 parents paid a lot of money so nobody knows who killed the couple in the car. B1 and G2 don’t know that they killed G1s parents BUT B2 knows. G1s parents came back in town so that they talk with him about business between their companies. He was in a car that was driving after G1s parents to the airport – they had already finished their business and were happy that they will start their live all over.

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