Yoohooo, Naomi here~

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Yoohooo, Naomi here~

Post  Naomi on Sun May 22, 2011 1:47 pm

Hello there!
I'm Naomi(real name Wei Gin, but many says it sounds like a guy's name!><, and then I went to google, I found many guys (there's girls also though) with the same name eeeek!)

Anyway, 18 going on 19 this year, a Singaporean who doesn't look like one AT ALL.
Everyone says I look Korean/Japanese (teehee)

Started becoming a Kpopaddict after watching "You're Beautiful" last year.
SHINee: Key
After School: Jungah
Beast: Gikwang
Mblaq: Mir
Big Bang: TOP
FTI: Hongki
T-ara: Eunjung+Soyeon!

I dislike(hate will be too strong a word) it that my friends always gave me that kind of look when I talk about Kpop as if I were crazy :/

Ps:We should all have twitter and have a same initial(s)/title infront of our user! Just suggesting!



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Re: Yoohooo, Naomi here~

Post  Awesome sub-leader Shini on Fri Jul 15, 2011 11:18 pm

Waa Naomi hello xD U like almost all the same people from those bands like me ; ) But BB: GD is my biasr forever *__*
and Mblaq: Joon @___@ But except those two I like the same people ; )
Awesome sub-leader Shini
Awesome sub-leader Shini

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