Polish Got Talent Pre-Casting

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Polish Got Talent Pre-Casting

Post  Awesome sub-leader Shini on Sun May 20, 2012 12:27 pm

So girls xD Yesterday I went for polish got talent pre-casting Smile And I just want to sher with U my thoughts xD
1st of all, OMG! I was soo tired after it. I waited 6 and half hour before I got a chance to present myself. But that 6 and half hours was sooo funny! I've got to know many amazing people. One guy who was illusionist and did on me some tricks with cards. And RLY I don't have any idea HOW did he do that! And I met 3 girls that sing and they were sooo nice and funny and ... just cool Smile and security guy who let as in to audition room was soo funny. When I asked him what number get in now (I was soo sure it's not me, since I've waited soo long and thought I will wait a little bit longer xD) and he said '3476' and I was like 'oh' and then looked on my number and said 'OMG' and he started to laugh soo badlu and pointing on me said 'hahaha so it's U hahaha' xD And I just coulnd'y do anything and started to laugh to xd And when I was going to get into that room he stoped me and listen to his earphones pretending that someone on judges is saying something and next he said to his small mic: 'oh... yes... so that's it for vocals today, no more? okay' and said to me 'sorry but that the end here' and I just said 'yeeeeeep suuuuuure' and he just smiled and said 'okay go and show your best' xD
And when I was in, I was sooo nervous! But man who interviewed me was also nice. He was rly interested why I chose Korean and stuff. I like 2 of his questions the best:
M: U prefer doing stuff about Korea or singing?
I: I want to be vocalist in Korea
M: But is there any chances for small, blond girl with blue eyes to do so?
I: If not me then who? Someone must start it. Kpop is now more popular in the whole world not only in Asia, so why not going for other direction. Why not try getting not asian person into it?

And I after that I sang Park Bom - Don't cry. They asked me about what is that song and if I can sing for them something more so I sang Ali - Hurt, and same question: about what is that song. And at the end they asked me if I can say anything in Korea, so I did. They thanked me and well that it xd

Okay there is waaaay more to talk about but I'm tooooo lazy to write it all here xd
Awesome sub-leader Shini
Awesome sub-leader Shini

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Re: Polish Got Talent Pre-Casting

Post  MAIN HEAD QUEEN RAINA on Sun May 20, 2012 12:34 pm


:3 SNSD + B.A.P + Daishi = MY HEART <3

Just so you know SeoHyun,Daehyun and Daishi are mine ~
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