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KPOP disco

Post  MAIN HEAD QUEEN RAINA on Tue Jun 12, 2012 4:43 pm

I just wanted to share that I was on a kpop disco IT WAS AWESOME and was the best b-day present I could get ( well it was 3 days after but still ) and I met the bulgarian group members that got in top 10 of Big bang-fantastic baby dance contest and they were really nice and I danced and it was nice to be around people like me that like KPOP ;A; and not to feel like the asian fan freak ;c but oh well YEAHHHH we danced and it was really really fun and there will be a suju and tvxq meeting next month I am sooooo going
here are some videos of the group I told you about - their dance covers ;
Infinite - Paradise

Shinee - Lucifer

and everyone having fun on MAMA ( sorry I dont think I am shown xD - I forgot my good phone with the good camera and those are just random videos someone shared on the FB page - I promise I will make pics from the Suju/DBSK fanmeet ^^ )

:3 SNSD + B.A.P + Daishi = MY HEART <3

Just so you know SeoHyun,Daehyun and Daishi are mine ~
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