Yo~! Michiyo desu!

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Yo~! Michiyo desu!

Post  JessxMichiyo on Tue Jun 12, 2012 5:27 pm

Ohayo, konnichiwa, konban wa, annyeonghaseyo~!
Jessie/Michiyo desu/imnida.
Oh boy, two languages, haha. XD
Anyways, hi. O3O My name's Jessie, but you can call me Michiyo, it's all good. You can call me whatever you like actually, some people even call me sushi. ._.
I'm 20 years young and I hope we can all become great friends! You can talk to me about whatever, I don't bite. I promise. O3O
I'm really happy I got in, since I didn't think that would happen. So I practically jumped off my chair when I got the news, even though I usually fall off my chair. Don't be surprised when you see that happen. XD

Okay em.. BYE! /O/

Oh and my YouTube is: Click!

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