Hello everyone!I am Mai

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Hello everyone!I am Mai

Post  dblingchiu on Sun Aug 19, 2012 11:49 am

Hello everyone.My name is Mai or Ji Eun and I'm 16 years old,but in december I'm 17 years old.I live in HongKong,my english is very poor so sorry.

I love Jpop&Kpop.In Jpop,I love HelloProject and AKB48.In Kpop,my favourite male group is MBLAQ and NU'EST,I love them very much.In NU'EST,I'm look at they debut and now.

I don't have favourite female group,but I like Bom(2NE1),Jooyeon(AfterSchool) and Hellovenus,I think I am pledis family fans?

I always learn the kpop dance and song,I hope that if I finish the dance,I will upload in youtube or something

Here is my YOUTUBE channel:www.youtube.com/dblingchiu

I hope that I can meet some kpop friend and cover with me together~


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